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We regret...

It is with regret that we have to announce that our production of The Satyricon has been postponed indefinitely. Further information can be found on the home page. The information on this page is no longer relevant and will be amended shortly.

7 March 2020

No one is an island. In these difficult times, some of the cast and crew of The Satyricon created this short video with the words of poet John Donne.

15 April 2020

New dates announced. Tuesday 3 November (preview) and Wednesday to Saturday 4 - 7 November (inc Saturday matinee).
Book tickets at the Festival Theatre Studio.

24 March 2020

We start telling the story of The Satyricon - at least our version of it - with twice-daily posts on Twitter. Catch up through the feed on the right.

19 March 2020

Because of the current crisis we have suspended active fund-raising. We are still expecting to open the play in June.

10 March 2020

It's Joseph Cathal's turn to tell you why you should support him and The Satyricon

9 March 2020

Adam Tomkins on Petronius and Trimalchio - be prepared for light and darkness

7 March 2020

It's the turn of Abbie Robertson to show what she brings to The Satyricon. What can you offer her?

6 March 2020

Meet Michael Robert-Brown. Yes, he'd like some of your money. How can you refuse him?

5 March 2020

Gordon Houston returns from the dead to ask for your money.

4 March 2020

We still need your money. Beverley Wright raps on The Satyricon.

2 March 2020

Why do we need money? Today it's the turn of Cat Collins, who plays several parts as An Actor.

28 Feb 2020

Our second round of fundraising: each of our cast tells you why we need the money. Today is Ross Cairns, who plays Ascyltos.

23 Feb 2020

First rehearsal with (almost all) our cast. In the Forum a group of citizens think they are in the presence of a legendary hero. They are about to find out they are wrong.

3 Feb 2020

Our cast is confirmed. See if you can spot them among this group at the second audition workshop. Full list on The People.

15 Jan 2020

They're off on our fund-raising marathon! To start the ball rolling, we're offering a PRIZE! The first donation of 5+ after 18.00 GMT today wins a free ticket.

We borrowed this pic from a USAAF marathon - we hope they don't mind.

17 Dec 2019

We are pleased to confirm that the premiere of The Satyricon will be in the Festival Studio Theatre, Edinburgh, on 24 June 2020 (preview 23 June). Tickets will be on sale in the New Year.

The main entrance to the Festival Theatre in the heart of Edinburgh.
The Satyricon will be in the Studio, a short walk round to the back of the building.

1 Dec 2019

Our first casting workshop, with a motley group of actors, went phenomenally well - as can be seen from this photo taken in the first hour. We covered improv, mime, readings and exercises to break down barriers and allow everyone to bring out the best in themselves. Some very talented actors were there and we hope to have them back for the next workshop in January, when we will go deeper into some of the scenes and think about how we both shock the audience and make them laugh.

30 Nov 2019

We launched the website today with Thomas Couture's (French, 1815 - 1879) depiction of Roman decadence, which can be seen in the Harvard Art Museum.

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